Date: 1st September 2016 Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm


Putting the how into mindfulness training in education.

Introducing Mindfulness Training into your School: the School Plan to the Classroom.

This 1 -Day Conference will give you practical, workable methods for bringing Mindfulness training into your school and into the classroom.

“Broulee Primary School’s Mindfulness Program, organised and developed with our mindfulness consultant: Jean Watson, was selected by the Department of Education in 2015 as a case study to promote resilience and positive mental health under the “Well Being Framework”. The school’s program was also cited by the Department of Health (Mental Health) as a wonderful example of a resilience program”. Sue Lowe, Principal of Broulee Public School, Far South Coast of NSW.

Course Details:

Date: 1st September 2016

Cost: $299.00

Time: Registration 9.30am for a 10.00am start. Finish at 3.00pm

Venue: Mossy Point Café Conference Centre. It will be possible to buy lunch at the Centre, or to bring your own lunch. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Registration: See the link below.

The Program will include:

” Beginning the Journey in a Mainstream Public School” – the why and how of Mindfulness training at Broulee PS.

Jean Watson, Mindfulness Consultant for Broulee Public School. Jean will discuss how she developed mindfulness training at Broulee Public School, beginning with the teachers’ mindfulness training. Jean will also discuss how she implemented mindfulness programs within the school that include concern for teacher wellbeing alongside the integration of mindfulness into the curriculum. Jean will also explain how she plans to develop mindfulness training further so that mindfulness becomes a sustainable component of the school day at Broulee PS and beyond.

Mindfulness training for children in preparation for transition into secondary school – the Teach .b program.

Nerida Bourke – a Mindfulness specialist teacher, with curriculum responsibility for mindfulness, at Broulee Public School. Nerida will discuss the implementation of the Mindfulness in Schools Project program: Teach .b at Broulee PS. This is a course that she has been teaching the 11 and 12 year old students at Broulee PS as part of their preparation for transition into High school. She will discuss how the mindfulness training program works in the classroom and the pathway that she followed to become the mindfulness specialist at her school. Nerida will also discuss the ripple effect that her programs in the classroom have had on other activities in the school.

Teaching the Early Years Mindfulness Program to 4-6 year old children: the issues associated with classroom management with this age group.

Clare Dunn – a Mindfulness specialist teacher at Broulee Public School. Clare will discuss the development and implementation of the Early Years Mindfulness Program: Part 1  for 4-6 year olds. There will be the opportunity to hear how the program works with children in the classroom, what classroom management issues need to be considered  and how this program provides many links with the mainstream NSW school curriculum objectives. Clare will discuss the the effect of her own personal practice on her teaching of mindfulness to the children.

Mindfulness Training and Education – an international perspective and its applications to the Australian education system.

Jean Watson – International mindfulness consultant and trainer – senior teacher in secondary schools for 3 decadesJean will discuss the implementation of mindfulness training in secondary and primary schools and her on-going work in the UK with the Oxford University Research on the effect of Teach .b Mindfulness programs. Jean will consider the strategy behind the implementation of the courses that have been developed for the Australian School Curriculum, that can provide a foundation for other well-being and resilience programs. Jean will explain the evidence and the research behind the mindfulness courses that are being taught at Broulee PS.

 School visit to Broulee Public School. After the formal presentations there will be the opportunity to visit Broulee School to see Nerida and Clare teaching the two programs: Teach .b program and the Early Years Mindfulness Program. The children will be able to tell you first- hand how the mindfulness programs work for them.

Panel Discussion. There will be the chance to ask the Panel  questions about any aspects of implementing mindfulness training into the primary and secondary school curriculum.  The possibilities and pathways that schools may decide to take will be made clear.

Other features of the Conference:

  • The participants will have the opportunity of experiencing, for themselves, a sample of the mindfulness training used for the development of the teacher’s own personal practice.
  • Testimonials will be given by pupils, staff, school managers and staff
  • There will be the opportunity to present questions to the Panel.

The student programs available for teachers to integrate into their school curriculum:

  • The Early Years Mindfulness Program(EYMP): Part 1 (5 year olds)
  • The Early Years Mindfulness Program: Part 2 (5-6 year olds)
  • Teach .b ( 11-15 year olds) This is the program being researched by Oxford University. The program is useful for upper primary and secondary pupils.
  • Mindfulness and Performance: Part 1(10 year olds)
  • Mindfulness and Performance: Part 2(12 years)
  • Mindfulness and Teamwork (15 years)
  • Mindfulness in the World beyond School (17 years)

The programs in bold are available in 2016 and the remainder will be available in 2017.

Teacher Mindfulness training: The main prerequisite for all of these courses is that the teachers train to develop their own daily mindfulness practice of 10 minutes each day. This training is available as a 2 day course: Introduction Day and Intermediate Day alongside a guided daily  home practice program for at least one month between each training day. These two days can be done at a reduced cost for each teacher if the mindfulness teacher training is completed by a whole school training.

The Early Years Mindfulness Program: Part 1 (EYMP1): Jean Watson, Nerida Bourke and Clare Dunn are coauthors of the Early Years Mindfulness Program: Part 1 for 4-6 year olds. This course is based on the principles of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and the developmental needs of 4-6 year olds in the classroom. All aspects of the program are linked very closely to the mainstream NSW school curriculum. The EYMP1 has completed  the pilot stage and and has been very carefully evaluated.

The Early Years Mindfulness Program: Part 1  is now available for other teachers as a qualification (Early Years Mindfulness Teacher) to use in their classrooms. The 4-Day  training course for teachers will be available on the 28th August, 10th & 11th September 2016  and 11th February 2017. At the end of the 4-Day training,  teachers will have a qualification and the resources to teach the program to their 4-6 year old pupils.

For further information  and enrolment please email: info@mindfulnessaustralia.net.au

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