Teach .b Mindfulness Program (11-18 years old): 4-day training.

Dates: 25th September, 26th September, 27th September, 28th September, Time: 8.00am - 5.00pm

Teach .b Mindfulness Program (11-18 years old)

NESA Course code: 008Teach.bMiSP

4-Day training program: 24 hours

Registration is at 9.30am on 25th September. Course finishes at 3.00pm on 28th September. Attendance is required for the complete program, in order to  gain certification

Prerequisite courses: Introduction course-NESA Code: 001TeachIntroMMA and Intermediate course-NESA Code: 002TeachInterMMA or MBSR or MBCT or .b Foundations.

Teach .b is designed to provide teachers with the confidence and understanding of mindfulness, well-being  and flourishing to:

  • teach students (11-18 year olds) some basic mindfulness techniques as part of a 10 – week program.
  • to help the students to develop their own daily mindfulness practice
  • to help the students to recognise how these techniques may be used in a classroom setting or beyond school.

The teachers will develop an understanding of the contents and progression of the program and how each lesson builds upon the previous lesson to deliver a coherent training program of mindfulness training with 11-18 year olds.

Each mindfulness practice in the program will be explored and taught to the participants so that they can experience the program from the students’ perspective. There will be the chance to practice teaching  lessons. Consideration is given to the practicalities of classroom management skills, the inquiry approach, delivering guided, embodied mindfulness practices to groups of students and how to organise peer supervision of mindfulness teachers in the school.

The Teach .b course is currently part of a large research project in the UK led by Oxford University with more details on the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)website: www.mindfulnessinschools.org.

Ten teacher’s workbooks will be provided with lesson plans, timing of activities and a range of resources. Backup resources are provided on the MiSP website.

Teach .b is taught by accredited and trained mindfulness teachers who have their own daily mindfulness practice and who have taught the Teach .b program in schools.

Completion of this course enables teachers to teach the .b mindfulness program to 11-18 year old children within an educational frameworks.

More information:

Mindfulness in Schools website: www.mindfulnessinschools.org

Dates in 2017:

25th – 28th September 2017   at Wenona School in North Sydney, Australia.


Please complete the initial registration form on the Mindfulness in Schools Project website: www.mindfulnessinschools.org.




Wenona School,
176 Walker Street,
NSW 2060

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