NEW COURSE Infants Mindfulness Course and the NSW School Curriculum

3rd January 2017 | Jean Watson

The Early Years Infants Mindfulness Program (EYIMP) is DIRECTLY LINKED to the NSW SCHOOL CURRICULUM. It is available for Infant teachers to learn to teach mindfulness to 4-7 year old children. The course has three levels – one for each year group – Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2. You can join the course at different levels depending on the year group that you teach.

I am really pleased to announce this new course. Nerida Bourke, Clare Dunn and I have been working hard to develop and deliver our new Mindfulness training course for infant and pre-school children. We have all delivered it in the pilot stage and have a group of trainee teachers currently using it in their schools. The feedback has been terrific.

Infants at Broulee School 2016

Teachers learn to develop their own daily mindfulness of 10 minutes and how to teach mindfulness with this age group whilst linking the program to the requirements of the NSW School Curriculum. All course materials are provided including a mindfulness textbook and details on how the mindfulness program is linked directly to the NSW School Curriculum.

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With Jean’s mindfulness training in education at an advanced level and her experience as a trainer for Paws b, Teach .b and MBCT we have developed this course as a lead into these programs, so that there will eventually be a spiralling Mindfulness Curriculum developed for children from 4- 18 years old – directly linked to the Australian School Curriculum.

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