NSW Education Standards Authority – NESA

Mindfulness Matters Australia is an endorsed provider of NESA Professional Development. It has the endorsement as a provider of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to provide Registered Professional Development at the Proficient Teacher level. NESA oversees the processes of accreditation for all teachers in NSW, in consultation with teacher accreditation authorities across the state.

The endorsement of the Mindfulness Matters Australia and the accreditation of the teachers is based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers which are a public statement of what constitutes teacher quality. They define the work of teachers and make explicit the elements of high-quality effective teaching in 21st –century schools that will improve educational outcomes for students. There are more details on the NESA website.

All of the mindfulness training programs for teachers that Mindfulness Matters Australia develops and delivers are endorsed by NESA and guide the preparation, support and development of teachers in the evidence-based field of mindfulness training. The Proficient Standards underpin processes for full registration and accreditation as a teacher and support the requirements of nationally consistent teacher registration.


Connected Self: Wellbeing Services

Connected Self: Wellbeing Services  – works with individuals, families and organisations to assist them in achieving their well-being goals.

Mindfulness Matters Australia is a partner with Connected Self and is responsible for the mindfulness components of their wide range of courses and services. It has run training courses with Connected Self since 2015. The next training courses are Perth: 5th & 6th October 2017, Adelaide:16th & 17th November 2015 and Sydney: 9th November and 24th November 2017. There are more details on the Connected Self website.

Connected Self offers a range of services and courses that include evidence – based mindfulness training: Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness, Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness Programs associated with Wellbeing and Positive Education.


Mindfulness in Schools Project: MiSP    

Mindfulness Matters Australia is a partner with MiSP and is responsible for training Teach .b  courses in Australia. It has run training courses for MiSP since 2015.The next training course is 25th -28th September 2017. There are more details on the Mindfulness in Schools Project website.

MiSP is delighted to have agreements with a small number of organisations to run our Teach .b courses outside of the UK. These organisations have worked with MiSP for a number of years and offer the courses as independent organisations under a partner agreement. Many aspects of the delivery of the training are written into this agreement to ensure it is of the same quality as that of the courses run directly by MiSP in the UK.  The partner is responsible for all aspects of these courses other than the content matter and the contract for these courses will be between the applicant and the partner.  On successful completion of the Teach course there will then be a separate agreement  between the applicant and MiSP to cover the permissions as to how and where .b can be taught. MiSP has no plans at present to increase the number of these partners as MiSP is focusing on the UK.