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All courses are based on the principles of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) which has a strong research base. Each course has a different context depending on the age group of the participants.

The Introduction course is for adult beginners. The Intermediate course progresses on from the introduction course. Both courses are suitable for teachers, sports coaches and youth workers to help develop their own daily mindfulness practice of approximately 10 minutes each day.

Following the international guidelines for the teaching of mindfulness, teachers and youth workers begin training to teach others by developing their own mindfulness techniques to become mindful teachers. They then learn the age-appropriate syllabus, to become specialist mindfulness teachers in an educational setting.

During the syllabus training, participants learn to teach every lesson in the program and are given a workbook that has all lesson plans ready-made along with the list of resources and the links with the focus and linked outcomes in the NSW School Curriculum.

All courses are NESA endorsed.

The MPC children's courses are linked to the NSW School Curriculum focus and linked outcomes.