MPC1: Program for Children 1 (4-6 years old)

Course type: 2 Day Training

Dates: Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm Location: Wenona School - Sydney

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for teachers and youth workers who would like to:

  • teach infant students (4-6 years old) some basic mindfulness techniques,
  • to help the students to develop their own mindfulness daily practice
  • to help the students to recognise how these techniques may be used in a classroom setting or at home.

The pre-requisites for this course are the development of a personal mindfulness practice and full attendance at the Introduction and Intermediate Courses.

If the participant has completed MBCT or MBSR training – they need to attend the Intermediate Frantic World course which is delivered the day before the MPC1-Part A training, unless they have completed MPC training on a previous course.

Course Details

The course is based on psychology, education and neuroscience along with the fundamental principles of mindfulness- based cognitive therapy (MBCT). It is a progressive program with each lesson building upon the previous lessons.

The course will cover:

  • Review of the basic mindfulness skills and techniques that teachers can use for themselves in the classroom
  • Discussion of the mindfulness skills and techniques that infant students can use in school and home environments
  • Review and discussion of the facilities and conditions needed to teach the infant mindfulness program in the classroom.
  • Understanding and practicing teaching of the 9 basic mindfulness lessons– from the student’s perspective- learning the sequence and content of the techniques and trying out the lessons themselves
  • A teaching workbook is provided which gives a summary of the coherent structure and progressive nature of the 9 mindfulness lessons, so the teacher can go straight into the classroom to teach the program which has been closely linked to the focus and linked outcomes of the NSW School Curriculum.
  • A personal development mindfulness program for the children that they can practice mindfulness each day in the classroom and at home

Expected Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the aims and objectives of each lesson and how the mindfulness practices with the children relate to the teacher’s personal practice.
  • Readiness to use the course material, in the form of a workbook, straightaway in the classroom
  • Understanding of how the 9 week MPC1 relates to the NSW school curriculum.
  • Appreciation of the role of a daily mindfulness practice for both teachers and children.