Teach .b2 Teachers EVENT for Australian Teach .b trained teachers

Course type: 1 Evening Training

Date: 11th February 2019 Time: 5:15pm - 7:45pm Location: Wenona School - Sydney

Who is this course for?

EVENT for Australian Teach .b trained teachers to learn about the four new
Teach .b2 modules and version 10 of Teach .b
Venue: Wenona School North Sydney
Date:11th February 2019
Time: 5.15pm - 7.45pm
I would like to invite you to an event to share ideas and up-date yourself with MiSP developments. We will discuss version 10: the workbooks, the animations and the 4 new units that have been released to previously trained Teach.b teachers.
If you have not up-dated your HUB membership it may be worth doing so.
I have also developed a NESA endorsed Mindfulness and Compassion program MPC1-4 for 4-9 year old children (based on MBCT & MBSR) linked directly to the Australian Education Standards.
See the website for other courses I will be running in February 2019 for teachers and parents.
I will also be setting up an online sitting group for Australian teachers - this will begin in April 2019.
Warm regards
Jean Watson - Partner for MiSP in Australia

Course Details

A discussion group to  share ideas about the delivery and developments associated with Teach.b and Teach .b2 with other Australian teachers organised for Australian Teachers by Jean Watson who is MiSP Partner  for Australia and New Zealand.

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Do I need extra training to deliver .b2 ?

Having trained to teach .b, you should not require any further training to deliver .b2. However, in order to give you more information about what the lessons involve, we are hosting a series of discussion groups to support you in the teaching of them, should you wish to use them.

Expected Outcomes

Once you have trained to teach any of the MiSP curricula, you have six months of automatic access to the Hub from which you can download all the resources associated with that curriculum.

This discussion group will help teachers with continuing development of the skills of leading a mindfulness and compassion practice, inquiry and classroom skills.

Joining the Hub gives teachers updated versions of the curricula and additional resources which are added on a regular basis.


.b Curriculum Version 10

The revamped version of .b is now available! Including new animations and student activities


.b Additional Materials

Four new .b lessons pick up where .b leaves off. For students who have already completed most, or all, of the .b course.